❝I was always brave and kind of righteous, but now I find I’m wavering…❞

—Lyon. (via incorrectfequotes)
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gay-mercenaries replied to your post:In which Dash is the worst.


I feel bad now because you won’t feel so yay after reading chapter eight… still yay for Ephraim and Eirika!

In which Dash is the worst.

Warning to readers of “The Ne’er do Wells”

I will be very excited about Chapter Nine. It has some of the first things I ever wrote for this fic in it, and some of my best planning. I also want to draw for it.

However it’s also probably going to be twice the length of any other chapter. So this will go one of two ways. 

My sheer enthusiasm will make me zoom ahead and write it really fast, meaning it’ll update really quickly.

Or… It’s twice as long so will take twice as much, plus I have a really busy weekend coming up. Therefore I will be hyping something you have to wait longer for, sorry!

Regardless of that here’s a nice not-so subtle hint of what will be appearing in chapter nine… Ephraim and Eirika.


I have been waiting to write this chapter of superhero fic since the story began. I came up with the idea when walking home from the supermarket and giggled all the way back.

Finally, this chapter!