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noooooooo D:
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ohh man that’s really awful

It was such an important bit too. This is intended to be the biggest and probably most plot crucial chapter in the fic so…yeah, not pleased.


Why computer why? over 2,000 words of fic, written in one day…gone the next.

I’m sure I saved it but I guess I didn’t?

The fic in question was “Crystal Clarity” and those 2,000 words pretty much covered the entire endgame battle of FE9 plus Soren coming to a revelation about his heritage. 

I was really looking forward to writing about Kurthnaga and Rajaion but I guess that battle needs writing again…

Surprise Inspiration.

All these Ike and Soren headcanons on my dash make me want to finish chapters of my fics…

However that also makes it seem like I’m giving in to the people complaining at me I don’t update fast enough for their tastes.

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